June 25, 2016

About Nadine


Passion, creativity and a second chance


About the Designer

Hi my name is Nadine Timpson founder of Luxe Designs by Nadine. Here is my story: Some of my earliest memories were of my loving mom. As a little girl I can remember snuggled up in my mother’s lap listening to her sing and tell me bible stories as she rocked me gently to sleep. No matter what challenges I encountered in life, her strong faith was always there encouraging me.

about_image_2cI was blessed with a gift of creativity and art from a small child. I loved creating dishes in the kitchen and experimenting on my Dad with some new creation. I remember watching his face intently as he bit into some new cookie concoction or casserole dish that I had made. Decorating whatever room I found myself in was so inexplicably enjoyable, I now know it was simply destiny calling. Even though my profession was in healthcare insurance the ‘call’ of art was always rearing its brightly colored head. I found myself creating and decorating more and more when I was away from the office. From creating elaborate handmade Christmas wreaths to catering for large events.

Since the early 90’s I have enjoyed attending jazz festivals during the spring & summer in Southern California. In addition to listening to great music, I enjoyed the great food and the jewelry vendors. I would mention in passing to my husband that “I could create unique jewelry pieces”. He issued the challenge to me to bring my creativity and designs to life. That’s exactly what I did… My shopping trips downtown to the jewelry district had me in search of beautiful and exotic stones and beads. I found myself taking these creations to work and selling out.

Fast forward just a few months later. I wake up one day and get THE call. Breast cancer, Stage 2,”triple negative” after that the words trailed off like dialogue in a Charlie Brown cartoon, “wah wah wah wah wah”. What does one do when faced with a challenge too big to handle? Well if you had grown up with my mother’s prayerful encouragement, you know that your personal ‘Mt. Everest’ will only be scaled by the power of your faith.

It still took THE CALL to be the catalyst for Luxe Designs By Nadine. As I sat in my workshop area with my mind numb from learning I had breast cancer, my fingers almost unconsciously began to create art that had beauty and ‘sprinkles’ of faith and hope mixed with it. With no answers, the collections began to pour out, each with its own individual style and message. Before I realized it there was a fusion of hope and beauty in every piece.

To my delight, Luxe Designs By Nadine developed a devoted & faithful following. News spread by way of personal testimony, social media and by my best friend Lisa who is a professional singer. She was selling my designs to some of the biggest artists in the music industry.

I have been blessed to pass the 5-year mark of being cancer FREE! I thank God for every day, taking none for granted. Luxe Designs By Nadine is in the business of not only sharing beauty but HOPE!

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